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Introduction of the CEW Lab

  • The cewLab's final mission is to push the development of sustainable energy and environment

  • The cewLab's current goal is to understand the coupling between electro-chemo-mechanics,  electrochemical ion insertions, and their application in energy storage and water purification.

  • The cewLab's research approach is the data-computation-experiment mutual reinforcement:

    • Computational simulations (density functional theory, molecular dynamics, finite element, phase field) are utilized to reveal fundamental understandings;

    • Experimental efforts (electrochemistry, fluid dynamics, mechanics) are conducted to explore new physics, verify theoretical predictions, and prototype innovative inventions;

    • Machine learning models are employed to identify patterns from enormous experimental/computational data.

Research Projects

Solid-state Batteries in Energy Storage

  • Project 1: Illustrating the mechanism for dendrites growth in various battery systems.

  • Project 2: Anode-free architecture for the solid-state batteries.

  • Project 3: Minimizing volume change and reducing stack pressure in solid-state batteries.

  • Project 4: General Framework Development on Electro-chemo-mechanics.


Capacitive Deionization in Water Desalination

  • Project 1: Illustrating the transport mechanism in CDI channel and ion-exchange membranes.

  • Project 2: Harvesting Li element from brine/seawater with the flow CDI system.

  • Project 3: Investigating the heavy-metal removal with various electrode materials in CDI.

  • Project 4: High through-put screening of membrane and electrode material for water treatment.


The CEW lab is actively hiring Master/Ph.D. students and postdoc to join and build the lab. 

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