Mission of the CEW Lab

The CEW (clean energy and water) lab targets interdisciplinary problems coupling mechanics, electrochemistry, and materials in the field of energy storage and water desalination. The close-loop data-simulation-experiment approach is employed in the lab: Experimental efforts (electrochemistry, fluid dynamics) are conducted to explore contributing factors to the problems; Computational methods (density functional theory, molecular dynamics, finite element, phase field) are utilized to investigate fundamental mechanisms, and data-driven algorithms (machine learning) are employed to explore patterns in enormous experimental/computational data.

Research Projects

Solid-state Batteries in Energy Storage

  • Project 1: Illustrating the mechanism for Li dendrites growth in Li-metal solid-state battery.

  • Project 2: Microstructure optimization of the composite cathode for the solid-state battery.

  • Project 3: General Framework Development on Electro-chemo-mechanics.

  • Project 4: Data-driven Microstructural Optimization of Composite Structure.


Reverse Osmosis in Water Desalination

  • Project 1: Illustrating the transport mechanism in Graphite Oxide membrane within aqueous solutions.

  • Project 2: Investigating the filtration and heavy-metal removal of MoS2 Nanosheets.

  • Project 3: High-through put screening on membrane material for water seperation.


The CEW lab is actively hiring UG/Master/Ph.D. students to join and build the lab.