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Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Tu, Qingsong, et al. "Understanding Metal Propagation in Solid Electrolytes due to Mixed Ionic–Electronic Conduction." Matter. Accepted

  • Tu, Qingsong, Gerbrand Ceder, et al. "Electrodeposition and Mechanical Stability at Lithium-Solid Electrolyte Interface during Plating in Solid-State Batteries." Cell Reports Physical Science (2020): 100106. [PDF]

  • Tan Shi*, Qingsong Tu* (Co-first), et al. "High Active Material Loading in All‐Solid‐State Battery Electrode via Particle Size Optimization." Advanced Energy Materials 10.1 (2020): 1902881. [PDF]

  • Barroso-Luque, Luis, Qingsong Tu, and Gerbrand Ceder. "An analysis of solid-state electrodeposition-induced metal plastic flow and predictions of stress states in solid ionic conductor defects." Journal of The Electrochemical Society 167.2 (2020): 020534. [PDF]

  • Zheng Sunxiang*, Qingsong Tu* (Co-first), Monong Wang, Jeffrey J. Urban, and Baoxia Mi. "Correlating Interlayer Spacing and Separation Capability of Graphene Oxide Membranes in Organic Solvents." ACS nano (2020). [PDF]

  • Wang Z.*, Qingsong Tu* (Co-first), Zheng, S., Urban, J. J., Li, S., & Mi, B. (2020). Selective Lead Adsorptive Removal by Two-Dimensional MoS2 Nanosheets and Membranes. Environmental Science & Technology.

  • Tu, Qingsong, et al. "A Molecular Dynamics Study on Rotational Nanofluid and Its Application to Desalination."  Membranes  10.6 (2020): 117. [PDF]

  • Chua Janel, and Qingsong Tu* (Corresponding), et al. "High-Temperature Nanoindentation Size Effect in Fluorite Material" International Journal of Mechanical Sciences (2019). [PDF]

  • Qingsong Tu* (Corresponding), et al. "Study of the effect of osmotic pressure on the water permeability of carbon-based two-dimensional materials." Computational Materials Science 150 (2018): 9-14. [PDF]

  • Janel C., and Qingsong Tu* (Corresponding). "Molecular Dynamics Study of Crosslinked Phthalonitrile Polymers: Effect of Crosslink Density on Thermomechanical Dielectric Properties. Polymers 10 (2018): 64. [PDF]

  • Qingsong Tu, et al. "A scale-up nanoporous membrane centrifuge for reverse osmosis desalination without fouling."  Technology 6.01 (2018): 36-48. [PDF]

  • Mi Baoxia, Sunxiang Zheng, and Qingsong Tu. "2D Graphene Oxide Channel for Water Transport." Faraday Discussions (2018). [PDF]

  • Zheng Sunxiang, Qingsong Tu, Baoxia Mi. "Heterostructure membranes made from stacked two dimensional nanomaterials: Tuning the interlayer-spacing for aqueous phase separation."  THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY. Vol. 255. 1155 16TH ST, NW, WASHINGTON, DC 20036 USA: AMER CHEMICAL SOC, 2018.

  • Wang Z.*, Qingsong Tu* (Co-first), Zheng, S., Urban, J. J., Li, S., & Mi, B. (2017). Understanding the Aqueous Stability and Filtration Capability of MoS2 Membranes. Nano letters, 17(12), 7289-7298. [PDF]

  • Zheng Sunxiang, Qingsong Tu, Jeffrey J. Urban, Shaofan Li, and Baoxia Mi. "Swelling of graphene oxide membranes in aqueous solution: characterization of interlayer spacing and insight into water transport mechanisms." ACS nano 11, no. 6 (2017): 6440-6450. [PDF]

  • Li Tiange, Qingsong Tu, and Shaofan Li. "Molecular dynamics modeling of nano-porous centrifuge for reverse osmosis desalination." Desalination (2017). [PDF]

  • Qingsong Tu, and Shaofan Li. "An updated Lagrangian particle hydrodynamics (ULPH) for Newtonian fluids." Journal of Computational Physics 348 (2017): 493-513. [PDF]

  • Qingsong Tu, Qiang Yang, Hualin Wang, and Shaofan Li. "Rotating carbon nanotube membrane filter for water desalination."  Scientific Reports 6 (2016). [PDF]

  • Shi, Chunxiang, Qingsong Tu, Houfu Fan, and Shaofan Li. "An interphase model for effective elastic properties of concrete composites." Journal of Micromechanics and Molecular Physics (2016): 1650005. [PDF]

  • Shi, Chunxiang, Qingsong Tu, Carlos AO Rios, and Shaofan Li. "Interphase Models for Nanoparticle-Polymer Composites." Journal of Nanomechanics and Micromechanics 6, no. 2 (2016): 04016003. [PDF]

  • Qing-Song Tu, et al. "Magnetic Memory Testing on Detecting Stress Distribution of Mechanical Components with Weak Ferromagnetism." Advanced Science Letters 12.1 (2012): 73-77. [PDF]

  • Qingsong Tu, et al. "Magnetic memory signals on surface defect of ferromagnetic specimen under plastic deformation condition." Digital Manufacturing and Automation (ICDMA), 2010 International Conference on. Vol. 1. IEEE, 2010. [PDF]



  • Tu Qingsong, et al. "CATHODE PACKING FOR BIMODAL DISTRIBUTION OF ACTIVE MATERIAL." U.S. Patent Application, Filed.


  • “Electro-chemo-mechanical model for interfacial stability of Li metal anode and SE in the solid-state battery.” LBNL Electrochem Seminar, LBNL, Berkeley, Jan 18, 2020.

  • “The mechanism for dendrite growth in All-Solid-State Batteries.” Material Research Society, Boston, MA, Dec 4, 2019.

  • “Solid Electrolytes Particle Size Effect in All-Solid-State Batteries.” Material Research Society, Boston, MA, Nov 24, 2018.

  • First-Principles Modeling and Design of Solid-State Interfaces for the Protection and use of Li Metal Anodes.” Battery Material Research Modeling Meeting, UC Berkeley, CA, Sep 25, 2018.

  • “Dendrite Modeling in All-Solid-State Battery.” Vehicle Technologies Office Annual Merit Review, Washington DC, US, June 18, 2018.

  • “An Updated Lagrangian Particle Hydrodynamics (ULPH) for Newtonian Fluids.” 14th U.S. National Congress on Computational Mechanics, Montreal, Canada, July 22, 2017.

  • “A non-local updated Lagrangian method for fluid dynamics”. Berkeley/Stanford Compfest 2017, UC Berkeley, April 9, 2017.

  • “A new Peridynamic formulation for bubbly flows studies in three dimensions.” World Congress on Computational Mechanics, South Korea, July 19, 2016.

Under-Review Articles

  • Tu, Qingsong, et al. "Effect of creep and plastic flow of metal on the dendrite growth in the solid electrolyte in solid-state battery." Under scripting

  • Srinath, Qingsong Tu, et al. "Bi-modal NMC particles" In preparation

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