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Teaching Experience

  • Mechanics of Material (Strength),   Fall 2021, Spring 2022, Fall 2022

This is an undergraduate-level course with main objectives on the fundamental principles of the mechanics of deformable media, including stress, strain, deflections and the relationships among them. The basic loadings of tension, compression, shear, torsion and bending are also included.

  • Computational Nano-micro Mechanics,   Fall 2015 & Spring 2017

This is a graduate-level course with main objectives on multiscale simulations. Mechanics of material at both atomistic scale and continuum scale are discussed. Simulation tools such as Quantum-Espresso, LAMMPS are introduced.

  • Solid Mechanics and Finite Element Method,   Spring 2016

This is a undergraduate-level course focuses on the deformation analysis of bars, shafts, beams, and columns using energy and variational methods and their generalization to re- lated areas of engineering science; stability analysis of structures; computer- aided mathematical techniques for solution of engineering problems and mod- ular computer programming methods.

  • Engineering Programming with Matlab,   Spring 2015

This is a undergraduate-level course with main objectives on computer programming for lower-division students in science and engineering. The course stresses hands-on computer programming using MATLAB, a powerful high-level programming environment.

  • Introductory Physics,   Spring 2014

This is a undergraduate-level course focuses on concepts and methods for understanding the important physical phenomena. It is geared towards preparing students for upper division and postgraduate studies in biology, medicine, and architecture. This class includes 3 hours of lectures and four hours of discussions and laboratory work per week.

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