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The lab has multiple openings for graduate students and postdocs in the following two research directions:

  • Electro-Chemo-Mechanics in Energy Storage Systems

All-solid-state batteries (SSBs) are an exciting new direction for the lithium battery field due to their improved safety and energy density. Their all-solid-state nature has introduced new chemo-mechanical degradation phenomena including the growth of metal dendrites through the solid electrolyte (SE) as well as microstructural degradation of the composite cathode upon cycling. We seek BS/MS/Ph.D. students to grow our research effort in the fundamental understanding of the coupling of mechanical, chemical, and transport effects in solid-state batteries.

  • Nano-micro Mechanical Problems in Water Purification Systems

The scarcity of freshwater and the increasing need for water supplies are already critical in many arid regions and are becoming increasingly important. The development of better membrane materials and structures for water purification is vital for life. We seek BS/MS/Ph.D. students focusing on computational investigations of the stability of membrane structures in solution and transportation of water/ions inside membrane.

Candidates with backgrounds in fluid/solid mechanics (e.g. Finite Element, Phase field), and continuum and atomic-scale modeling are encouraged to apply. While experience with electrochemistry is a plus, it is not required to start the position. We are particularly interested in candidates who have experience in the research related to water desalination with the semi-permeable membrane material, solid-state batteries, and modeling on the electro-chemo-mechanical coupling fields.

Please send a CV, cover letter (or research statement) to Professor Howard Qingsong Tu:

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